Update labels and boxes for injection products of our company. In the near future the gallery of our products will be updated, we will carry out relevant work.
We ask you to pay attention to the labels with the new design, there was an arphographic error in the word (“Before”). If you pay attention to this then do not worry, it is not fake. We accidentally allowed the sale of the first batch with this error, the subsequent batch will be with the corrected error, correct.



Beware of fakes when buying our products in Turkey, buy goods from official representatives, check the identification code with each package and do not hope for success. Contact bulk orders at



We have improved the system of checking the originality of our products and now it is possible to check the code from the package only 2 times, with subsequent checks the result will be negative. We did this in connection with a number of fakes in which identical codes were used.



We apologize to those who did not receive a response to their request by contacting us via the contact form or by mail to due to a failure in the mail server, the information has been lost and we ask you to resubmit the application or contact our Instagram or Facebook. We bring you our apologies, we always try to answer everyone.



Opening of an official representative office in Cyprus.

Contacts: Facebook, Instagram



From today, we are adding a modern and anonymous payment system Bitcoin. When placing an order with our manager, specify in detail the Bitcoin system as the calculation method. We also accept Bitcoin CODE. Current currency rates can be found on the website.



We are pleased to inform you that, in an effort to develop and improve our products, we are releasing the fastest version of Testosterone for sale: Testosterone Oil Base 100 mg/ml  and Nandrolon Oil Base 100mg/ml



Implementation of a system for checking the originality of our goods, protection against forgery. From now on you can check each of our products for originality. On the package there is a sticker on which you will find an individual number that you can check on the site by clicking on the link:



Our production passes to the newest system of double filtration of injection oil, due to which the quality and safety are repeatedly improved, the rate of digestion is raised.



We are pleased to present a new line of anti-estrogen preparations for our company: LETROZOL 2.5mg NOLVADEX 20mg



Opening of the third packing and filling line of injection preparations.


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