Thief, a scammer working with the police.

Our partner from Algeria, Oussama Dahak, deceived us for money. He received the goods for sale and after the conflict he decided not to repay the debt. We have all correspondence with him and all evidence of his crime.
The amount of damage is 3700 €.
This fraudster and liar through is saturated with lies, emotional, screaming, freaking out, not able to prove anything that he is talking about. If you show him the facts and evidence of his lies, he simply blocks you.
The lowest is his manipulation of faith. He claims that he is a Muslim, that he keeps his word, that Muslims do not steal and do not lie, that he will repay all debts even if he dies, his family and friends will repay his debts. But when you show him that he is wrong, he changes his mind and forgets about what he said earlier !!!! He states that his faith (Islam) allows him not to repay the debt !!!! Thus, this person pushes the foreheads of believers from different faiths. He does not respect his faith, as he lies about the meaning and concepts in the Qur’an. What could be worse than manipulating faith?
He is engaged in covert filming of people with whom he works with photo and video cameras and then he is blackmailing that he will provide the police with information about you.
He writes statements to Interpol and threatens us with a court.
Scam data:
Name: Oussama Dahak
No passport: 168806276
Country: Algeria
City of residence: Boumerdes zip 35000
Residence address: Batiment A58, numero 8, cite 1200 logement
Phone Number: +213796150377
His wife’s name: Rym Triki
Bank account:
Barclays bank
Account number: 90718033
Bank card: 4928 2632 3646 0031
Occupation: sale of medical drugs without a license.

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